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11-17-2012, 10:43 PM
While I do believe that cruisers need some help, I don't think this is the best response. It would make actual carriers quite a bit less unique in their mechanics and make the game play more like Homeworld than Star Trek, if every cruiser was launching fighters and every carrier could unload 24 (!) of them.

My preferred solutions revolve around some combination of:
* Increase maneuverability of all cruisers into the 8-10 deg/s range. This enables them to maneuver more proficiently, which means better use of more powerful weapons with smaller arcs.
* Give cruisers (and ONLY cruisers) an inherent 50% immunity to power drains, including from firing weapons. This would allow their beam arrays to function at a higher level of performance than would be available on other ships, and make these insanely power-hungry weapons more practical.
* Give cruisers a built in ability, somewhat similar to Sensor Analysis, but instead of only generating bonus damage it also gives bonus defense and bonus threat generation: the longer a cruiser fights a given target, the more damage they do, the less they take, and the more focused the enemy will be on them to the exclusion of other team mates.
* Modify Beam Overload to be a rapid-fire single-target DPS boost (like Rapid Fire) instead of a low-efficiency/high-spike modifier that provides no additional damage. Further incentivizing beams, being that beams currently suffer from an extremely specialized and 'balanced' set of tactical abilities while cannon abilities are easy to apply and entirely bonus without the drawbacks.
* Increase shield and hull values for cruisers significantly. The 10% stronger shield and hull that they get is laughable considering escorts evade more than 10% of incoming fire thanks to their high movement speed.