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# 18 Doff sytem is partially dead
11-17-2012, 10:45 PM
Hi guys and girls

IMHO the doff system is partially wrecked.

I wont be spending all that Dili on making inferior doffs better and i wont do the doff-mission > General recruitment < where you get the doff pack as it costs 1000 dili

The rest of the system seems to be working as it used too, so i'll stick to the no-dili-sinkhole missions and have fun with the other parts of the game

I have a day job too and that leaves me only a few hours to play during weekdays and even if i had unlimited time, the refinement cap is still 8000 each day.

For now i will keep my Dili and see what the devs do in the next few months.

Long live the Empire


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