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11-17-2012, 10:53 PM
Something I think I want to chime in on about Engineers..

I flew an Engi/Escort for a loong time before the Skill change..

Honestly some where in the Skill change, something changed for Engineers.

Originally they could deal damage and absorb damage quite well. Making them a good fit for any ship. Escorts was nice because they could help the Escort Survive longer and their powers could help bring out some damage potential.

But all that changed when they tweeked the skill trees. Now Tacs Deal Superior Damage (As they should) Scis do their Debuff/All hail the all mighty Sub Nuc..

Engi..something changed.. I don't know if maybe there isn't enough skill interaction with their abilities. If perhaps their powers really were the way they are now, but we never noticed it before because perhaps the other classes weren't performing as well as they should have. Or if Engi really does just need to be given some form of a buff.

The skill tree change did bring about improvements and ease of managing and improving defensive Boff skills while the Miracle worker isn't quite as useful as it used to be (Remember when it used to almost heal you to full all the time if you had those skills maxed?)

As a suggestion, perhaps the following should be done for Engineers to improve their capabilites while in Space. Note some of the suggestions may be slightly Biased in appearance, but they are not ment to be.

1: Give EPS a small innate universal buff for weapon Damage, Shield resistance, Speed, and Stealth sight for each Power level that goes above 100. If it would go above 125 then perhaps double said bonus. (For example if it's just +5 at 100, if it gives more then 125 it would go to +10) This would also give reasons to run Powers in conjunction with it, like Energy Siphon, Aux to Battery, or other less used Emergency Power to Bridge officer powers. This would also aid other team mates and give a new way to provide buffs for other players based on what their power settings are at when EPS is applied.

2: Increase Miracle Worker's heal by another 15%, or Perhaps make the Shield heal based on Shield power level and the hull heal based on Aux Power level and have it Scale based on those making it useful to use Miracle Worker while under EPS for example.

3: Perhaps allow Engineering Fleet to scale it's resistance buff along side points spent in either Hull Plating, Armor Reinforcements, or Starship Threat control. The more in which ever skills would be linked, the higher the resistance bonus could get, but still keeping Team play in mind of course.. We don't want to introduce 5 man Engi teams using Rolling Engineering Fleets and removing their shields to prove they don't need them of course.

Those are just off the top of my head. And yet more suggestions that come from me when I'm tired. Really should probably stop coming around here so late.. lol.
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