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11-17-2012, 10:58 PM
First off sci ships are great in pvp I fly sci/sci or sciscort so trust me when I say that. Okay first you need a tact team and a secondary heal to go with it so you have some shields for tact team to work with only use TT1 next it's cheesy but will keep you alive is reverse shield polarity if times right an used right its almost like god mode. Also the brace for impact doff has some crazy shield heal bonuses. Um EPtS is good if used with the warp core doff will boost all power lvls so in turn increases its own heal and HoT. Umm lets see HE for hull about all you will need if your a shield tank unless you have room for an eng team. Other then that its all I got for ya. P.S. FBP3 is your best damage dealing ablity in a sci ship so use it right when a BoP uses an alpha strike and watch him pop himself.