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Well according to Branflakes its intentional.

Honestly there is balancing and then there is nerfing and this falls flat into the nerf department. The Vesta can not take a hit, it can deal damage (extreme amounts of it), but its by all definitions a paper cannon. I even tried Advanced Shield Support Drones, didn't work out.
Thats whats odd about the Vesta, some builds are huge DPS and power throwing monsters but cant last more than a few seconds of being looked at by a mob. Others are just dumb resilient. Vs Elite Dontra and swarms of npc's the setup I'm running the Vesta is at least 1.5 times to twice as durable as my excelsior. Against other things such as the gates antiproton beam or a hoard of spheres torp dots the ship is somewhat fragile. but as long as its not passing through the shields and your using a resilient shield this ship can get a beastly shield tank going. The real thing is this ship can do that and still do rather good dps at the same time.

Here is what I have so far, good dps and a stupid strong shield tanking cycle thanks to the 3 purple Tech duty officers and two shield distro officers as well. Also the keybind to cycle the epts eptaux and both batterys +distribute shields is so long you have to load it through the text file.