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In our fleet, when a 'special project' came up, I dropped the 200k Dilithium TWICE to get them going. Sure it was a good chuck of my stash, but I felt I could make that up in a reasonable amount of time. No longer!

Now with the drought of Dil, I don't contribute more than a few hundred Dil. Makes me wish I had kept my 400k for these lean times. I'll go back to making WoW my primary free-time sink instead of STO. I'll just pop on to fill my Doff missions once a day, maybe do a mission to get some marks and then go run around Panda-land w/ my druid.

I'm LTS, so I'll just let my measly monthly stipend accrue. Maybe by Season 8 the devs here will come to their senses and not think that players want to spend
half the day grinding Dil on the same boring missions we've been doing for 3yrs.

But even if they DO want to change things for the better (I'll give Dastahl and crew the benefit of the doubt), Our Glorious Chinese Overlords will probably just put a stop to it and STO will just grind it's player-base to nothing and we'll see what the next Trek IP lessee does. I could really go for a Birth of the Federation II game.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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