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11-18-2012, 12:32 AM
Hi, and welcome to PvP! Hope you stick around.

Well, to begin with, it would be nice if you could post your current setup and ship. We tend to take more of a troubleshooting role here unless you want a cookie-cutter build. Science ships are perfectly fine in PvP, but they are admittedly slightly less easy to use than escorts.

Also, no offence to you, but PvE and leveling are much, much lest challenging than PvP usually is. Hence, it is quite likely that your build needs some work.

The second poster does have a pretty good list of healing abilities, which I will repeat here:
Tactical Team (essential)
Emergency Power to Shields (essential)
Reverse Shield Polarity (emergency ability, generally considered as a beginner ability)
Auxiliary Power to SIF (good if you have room, give small hull heal and resistance)
Hazard Emitters (Essential to me for giving a heal over time, along with clearing warp plasma, theta radiation and hargh'peng radiation)
Shield Distribution Officers + Brace for Impact (pretty big heal, nice to have)

Feedback Pulse 3 is decent, but only good if you are constantly alert for being alpha striked. It is a very situational ability. Since you like holds, a better choice may be Grav. Well 3.

As for consoles and weapons, the type of weapon matters much more than the mark/level at which they are. Therefore, it would be better for you to tell us what you already have, then we can work from there.

Furthermore, there are many occasions where vets may have healers on their team. Believe me, a good healer can make a lot of difference, and can render an escort practically invulnerable to anything but subnuked alpha strikes.

In PvP, teamwork is often the key to success. So, don't get too discouraged if you take our advice and still get facerolled. Just keep learning, and one day you'll be one of those vets tanking like crazy.

And yeah, AFKers are currently a problem in all aspects of the game. We don't really have a way to solve that.

As for the spacebar, what he means is the use of keybinds. High-level PvP mandates keybind usage, as timing is very important, but I believe that it's best to get your basic setup right first before thinking about control setups.