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11-18-2012, 12:40 AM
Yeah, I am all for the Borg being difficult, that's not a problem, but there are still a lot of insta-kills, or nearly so.

I said in a tribble thread about Hive space, that if you can directly counter something, it should be able to insta-kill you (heavy plasma torp for example). If you cannot directly counter it (aka, shoot it or deal damage to it), it should not be able to insta-kill you. At least not a cruiser, with full shields and hull, being a tank (as it should be).

Sci ships should be healing, or CCing, or whatever, escorts should be laying a big hurt and DPS on stuff, and the cruiser would be soaking damage.

Everyone will take damage, and the Borg SHOULD hurt, I don't deny it, but just having everything hit for ridiculous, over-the-top damage that no amount of resist can seem to stop, just ruins any real fun or enjoyment of it. Insta-death, as Bort once said, 'makes it frustrating, not challenging'.