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11-17-2012, 11:43 PM
It's definately invisi-torps, I keep a good eye out for destructible torps and I always shoot them down. I'm flying the Steamrunner as an engy, I've got EPTS1 and 2, and Engy team 2 and Hazard Emitters 1, plus of course miracle worker. In ISE, once the Tac cube is out it's a roll of the dice if I'm going to get toasted. I can handle plasma fires and sustained fire, but then mr. Invisi-torp hits me and there is no reaction that can save me. This happened once today, I flew back in and was immediately hit again.

Heavy destructible torps, the giant ones from Unimatrix vessels and Donatra's death beam should be the only thing dealing out instant kills to any ship, period. If an escort can get one-shot with full shields and hull (and a Mk X Maco set or above plus a good set of armour consoles), that's not strategy. The idea is the escorts take a beating so the sci and engy can heal them. You can't heal them if they get one-shot by regular weapons.

Of course I rarely see people heal eachother so usually it's just the escort keeping itself alive as best it can after a hard hit, but hey even if you have just a second or two to turn a stronger shield facing towards the enemy while you suck your thumb for a sec, that makes more sense and is more engaging, and certainly less frustrating then getting toasted instantly from full health. I've been running elite STF's since February, this is not new and I have no idea why this issue is still around.

To give tank builds a challenge while still giving escorts a chance, the only way to make that work is with faster cooldowns on smaller attacks. Fleet events are great cause if you fly into a big mess of ships, their combined small weapons owns you. Each cube should operate the same way, the difference being the occasional heavy, destructible insta-kill torp.

Anyways, in short, PW please fix invisi-torps and never go back to them, they are terrible for gameplay enjoyment.