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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
To the person two replies above me...

Accusations of rage. Anger at a simple question of people's opinion. This is the straw that broke the camel's back. This is what the community has come to. What do we have left when we've come to raging at someone's point of view? Where was I whining? Where was I raging? Where was I talking of quitting? Do you even know where you're coming from?

Is this really what we have come to?
ugh... this sucks that I have to spell this out for everyone, but here it goes.

No, no, you missed the point, I was saying all of you combined continue to make thread after thread about dilithium this and reputation that and s7 sux. I was trying to compare it to my insane wife who whines about everything, that's all. It was a generalization of the community of players who are making Anti-Season 7 posts and wasn't directly directly at you. Also, there was no rage on my part as i was giggling like a school girl about writing a flamming post to my fleet mates while in queue for KASE as I wrote it. So to explain in long format:

You all are really all the minority here except for initial shock of all DL being gone from STFs which I too supported the outcry to have fixed. Now that the DL is back, albeit and slightly lower levels, y'all really don't have much else to stand on and should just pipe down or leave.

I am really not sure what you guys are doing as I make more dilithium per day than I ever have while playing a wider variety of content throughout the game (<= that is better if you didn't figure that out). The dilithium exchange changing the way it has in recent days reinforces that. Fleet actions are now useful and fun... and yes I admit that I did the one click foundry missions, but that is gamming the system and those crying about it should just quit it, it's gaming the system and you can't cry when you get shut down.

The reputation system might suck in the short term for those of you who had no idea it was coming while it has been consistently alluded to for almost a year by various dev posts and web blogs and podcasts... yes the early tiers offer nothing of value for those who have been playing for a while except for the passives, but eh. All of you sound like babies or my insane wife, crying "I want it all now... waaaaaa......" As I had said... it will sustain the game as new players have a steady approach to get end game gear. You can either follow that approach with them or leave... and I am sure if everyone who is continually making anti-season seven threads (at this point) leaves.... it wont hurt that much as this game will survive it.

Of course the initial issue (DL for STFs) has been resolved and is not a primary motivator of anyone quitting anymore. I am also pretty sure that the devs could care less about what was said in the forums and probably looked at the data. They probably saw 5 times as many Fleet Actions running as STFs, because no one cared about them anymore since all you needed was the small amount of marks for you bi-daily projects. That's why they took some DL from the fleet actions and added DL to SFTs... Not because of anything anyone said in the forums, numbers speak louder than nerd rage. Notice they use the terms signal to noise ratio? That's right you all are noise... and I am saying I am tired of hearing the noise in the room....

Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post

I can tell your of very limited experience I'n mmos
When Fan based mmos like (star trek ) destroy there
Loyal Fan base with bad decisions the game usually
Prime example is star wars galaxies

STO has not went that far and the management is listing
To it's fan base which is VERY positive ( soe ) refused to
Listen and it's CEO was very insulting to the fan base, the mmo
Hopefully the STO will listen to the rumbles and
Readjust it's goals to be more acceptable to it's players

However if you want to quit with your attitude I am
Sure you won't be missed/ farewell .........
Hmmm ~not sure if serious or knows English? ~

I never said I was quitting... this game is in no danger of shutting down or dying.
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