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11-18-2012, 12:01 AM
The skills listed are good in depth list.

Match quality will very wildly from match to match. That is of course also part of what makes PvP fun. Sometimes you can't help the random draw of teammates you get... sometimes it works out well. Of course any team that has 2 or more people working together you will do much better.

Many Vets don't play alone. Meaning they are likely to get clutch heals from teammates when they are needed. If you play long enough you also get wise enough to know when a teammate can use that heal or that tac team more then you can. Many new players don't share there heals often. That is simply experience. At some point you become more aware of when you can afford to share... and when keeping a teammate in the fight even for an extra few seconds is the right choice.

At the end of the day its about being aware of whats going on around you... and how best you can move the match forward in your teams direction. Sometimes that means switching targets to the guy beating on a teammate... sometimes it means healing them... and a ton of other little things that are all just a matter of timing.

Join Organized PvP chat channel if you haven't yet... its sticked at the top of this section. Try to team up with someone in the channel for a few matches of you can... make some friends blow some people up get blowed up a few times... and have fun.