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11-18-2012, 12:03 AM
I had most of those defenses already, it was good for tanking stf cubes. I think the big issue is the game speed in pvp is way faster and mousing clicking + a few ability keys just isn't going to get it done, also a disorganised bunch versus an in-formation team is a total disaster.

Weapons: Polaron turrets x 3 Borg Mk12 on rear; 2 dual polaron beams and quantum on front, all borg mk12. Tac consoles three 26.2% polaron. Got various spare borg torps, Breen transphasics, tric min, two single polaron canon to experiment with. Have the Breen and Jemmy sets, Borg but no complete omega or maco, Borg + Maco shield still the way to go?

Sci consoles 3 shield 17.5%ers and assimilated borg console

Tac Boff skills Tac1, Torp Spread 1, Beta 1
Engineeering EPS1, et2
Science: Jam Sensors( probably no use pvp); ST1; PH2 and tractor beam 2; siphon 1( bad one?) and FP2; gravity well 3

Eng consoles neutronium, ablative rare mk11

Borg engine and deflector

DOFFs energey weapon, projectile, crew 75% nurse, gravimetric, hazard - all purple. My KDF has the shield dist and my fed got neglected.