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Originally Posted by ovinspace View Post
I had most of those defenses already, it was good for tanking stf cubes. I think the big issue is the game speed in pvp is way faster and mousing clicking + a few ability keys just isn't going to get it done, also a disorganised bunch versus an in-formation team is a total disaster.

Weapons: Polaron turrets x 3 Borg Mk12 on rear; 2 dual polaron beams and quantum on front, all borg mk12. Tac consoles three 26.2% polaron. Got various spare borg torps, Breen transphasics, tric min, two single polaron canon to experiment with. Have the Breen and Jemmy sets, Borg but no complete omega or maco, Borg + Maco shield still the way to go?

Sci consoles 3 shield 17.5%ers and assimilated borg console

Tac Boff skills Tac1, Torp Spread 1, Beta 1
Engineeering EPS1, et2
Science: Jam Sensors( probably no use pvp); ST1; PH2 and tractor beam 2; siphon 1( bad one?) and FP2; gravity well 3

Eng consoles neutronium, ablative rare mk11

Borg engine and deflector

DOFFs energey weapon, projectile, crew 75% nurse, gravimetric, hazard - all purple. My KDF has the shield dist and my fed got neglected.
Hilbert (TSI [the best Fed fleet until most of its members retired from the game] member, and the guy who wrote that guide down there) and some other top-level players are ability clickers. So don't let that discourage you.

But if you really want to optimize your ability usage, you should check that keybinds thread in my other post. It is a great source of information if you want to create keybinds.

You should also go here:

It has good build templates for what you can use for different ships.

It also has good game mechanics information.