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I had most of those defenses already, it was good for tanking stf cubes. I think the big issue is the game speed in pvp is way faster and mousing clicking + a few ability keys just isn't going to get it done, also a disorganised bunch versus an in-formation team is a total disaster.

Weapons: Polaron turrets x 3 Borg Mk12 on rear; 2 dual polaron beams and quantum on front, all borg mk12. Tac consoles three 26.2% polaron. Got various spare borg torps, Breen transphasics, tric min, two single polaron canon to experiment with. Have the Breen and Jemmy sets, Borg but no complete omega or maco, Borg + Maco shield still the way to go?

Sci consoles 3 shield 17.5%ers and assimilated borg console

Tac Boff skills Tac1, Torp Spread 1, Beta 1
Engineeering EPS1, et2
Science: Jam Sensors( probably no use pvp); ST1; PH2 and tractor beam 2; siphon 1( bad one?) and FP2; gravity well 3

Eng consoles neutronium, ablative rare mk11

Borg engine and deflector

DOFFs energey weapon, projectile, crew 75% nurse, gravimetric, hazard - all purple. My KDF has the shield dist and my fed got neglected.
Far from the worst setup we have seen from new pvp players... let me give you a PvP build for that and a few tips.

1) splitting Energy weapons and Torpedo weapons is a bit wasteful right now... having said that I would suggest a Sci Sci go with FULL Kinetic with 1 beam on back for sub system disables.
2) you have far to many team skills... you will be tripping on cool downs.
3) Tractor beam 1 is as good in PvP as version 2 and 3 and much cheaper to install.
4) Polarized Hull for PvP is going to be used for tractor breaks and again Version 1 is all you need.
5) Feedback pulse is mostly junk for both PvE and PvP.... the pve enemies don't do enough dmg to really hurt themselves and PvP enemies will either Subnuke you... put up there Hot Heals and keep shooting you... or just switch targets for 10 seconds.
6) Jam sensors is great in kerrat... as its a good 1v1 skill ... in a team match though ya its not really very useful.

Here is what I would suggest.

3 Torpedoes up front... Either Plasma torpedos... or Transphaic
1 Mine launcher in back... 1 harpang (if you use plasma)... 1 breen cluster (if you use transphasic)... 1 Beam of ANY type (its only there for sub disables.

Tac team 1, Torp Spread 2
Torp Spread 1

EPS1, Aux to Sif 1 (OR Rsp 1)

PH 1 - Hazard Emitters 2 - Viral Matrix 1 - Viral Matrix 3
Tractor 1 - Sci Team 2 (or Transfer Shield S 2) - Transfer Shield S 3 (or Sci team 3)

Borg Engine and Deflector are fine... combo them with Maco is likely still the way to go.

Engi Slots.... Put ALL neutronium armours in there.
Sci Slots... Field Gens as many as you can slot.
Dmg units... All Torpedo type... Plasma or phasic.

Power setttings.... Swap between these 2 settings. Go full aux for the TSS and hazards, as well as sensor scans and nukes... the rest of the time go full shield. (this is the advantage of not caring about weapon power anymore... you will have better shield regen and resist.... and full aux heals and sci skills.)

25 / 40 / 35 / 100 (Full aux setting)
25 / 100 / 35 / 40 (Full shield setting)

For Doffs... One purple System Engi and One blue (for the Viral Matrix)
2-3 Torpedo doffs are a MUST if you are going to be running a torp boat... this will keep them flying every cycle.

Note on Phasic vs plasma torps... I keep a set of both on my torp boat toons.
Phasic will give you some more burst dmg... but alone you are not likely going to kill anyone... you will finish ALOT of people though that are down to 20% and your spread hits them.
Plasma are perhaps a bit harder to use... they DO out dmg phasics no matter what some other people say... the thing is you have to Choose your targets more wisely. When the whole team is focus firing you should NOT be... I know that is contrary to what people say to do. The advantage of a plasma torp sci ship is that it keeps the other teams healers (and really everyone else) burning at least some of there heals on themselves wiping dots ect.... if you do this well it will make the other teams job much harder. Switch to the focus target when you get the healer to burn a few heals on themselves and you will see those focus targets go down much quicker as there teammates won't have heals for them.
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