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with no more access to space weapons, the players listed above will have to focus on either crafting expensive and underpowered weapons, or turning to the exchange to kite out their ship. the prevalence of mix and match ships will increase, because the supply of quality weapons is so finite.
Negative, a cheap blue set of Mark XI weapons can be bought off the exchange for a few hundred thousand EC, which is extremely affordable, you can even patch up holes with Mk XI green weapons for a few thousand EC. You can buy cheap purple Mk XI shields/deflectors/engines for 50k a pop, to say nothing of the sets/weapons you can get beforehand from missions (Jem'hadar, Breen, etc). All this is more than serviceable enough to take you through STFs, and even eSTFs with smart play (ie don't be an AoE threat magnet). The difference between green/blue and purple equipment is very marginal, especially in the weapons department. Believe me, we did all the same eSTFs in greens and blues at one point.

Mix and match kits have nothing to do with it, unless the player is just terribly under informed. Your better off going with all green weapons of the same type than mix and matching purples.

overall, the level of competitiveness between players that have all the items they need and players who don't will be very apparent. the players who don't have all the items they need will be playing an endless game of catch-up. they will not have the equipment needed to place in the top 3 in fleet actions, thus ensuring they have limited access to the higher quality equipment they would need to become more competitive. in terms of pvp, they would have no incentive to even try it, let alone play it constantly, because of the fact that they don't have the ec, resources or accessibility to items that those who have, take for granted.
Give me a Patrol escort with blue Mk XI weapons and Ill place 1st or 2nd in any space Fleet Action 95% of the time. The damage variance between blue/green mark XI & purple mark XII is 5-10%. Purple weapons in this game impart a marginal advantage, and the average player is terrible. If your competent, you won't have trouble placing well in fleet actions, or completing eSTFs, etc.

You'll play catchup for 2 months. That's it, hardly endless. And a month in you'll probably be about 95% as effective as anyone else with all the gear.

team based, cooperative content will suffer the most. no one likes blowing up 20 times in a single match, waiting a minute or more between respawns. face it, with the passives being offered by the reputation system, the quality of enemies that we will face now and in the future will only get harder to compensate. without an easier way to adequately ascertain gear for all the new toons, they will in turn be a liability that no one, veteran or new player, would want.
You're speculating, the Tholians aren't harder than the Borg,regardless of power creep from new weapons and ships that has occurred in the past year. You also shouldn't be blowing up 20 times in a match, I don't care if your using green MkX gear. That has a lot more to do with build and player competence than gear.

The heart of the matter is that people have been feasting on fancy feast and gearing out their boats with 95% of the best gear in the game in under a week. That is a bad game design for a company that is f2p. It leads to a high turnover in players as people run out of goals. It also promotes an alt heavy environment that leads to dilithium and doff manipulation by utilizing a dozen alts, which undervalues their current Z-store purchases.

It also marginalized the market for all Mk X-XII gear on the exchange. That is already seeing something of a rejuvenation, and that's fantastic,

The new system gives you a steady progression path with constant upgrades over a period of a few months. You don't even have to play hardcore like you do in 99% of f2p games, and you'll still have all the best in slot gear within a few months.

Folks got fat cat syndrome for being spoon fed gear in what was a casual subscription MMO.
ow they're bawling because the system has been replaced with something that makes more sense for a f2p model.

At the end of the day, if an extremely reasonable progressive player improvement isn't good enough for you, drop the money and buy the shortcut. That's how this game stays afloat.

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