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Originally Posted by gardat View Post
Ok I linked the wrong GT 610 card, I just assumed you were running on non gaming notebook like a lot of these people do. Here is what the tech media have to say about the desktop variant of the GT 610:

"The GT 610 is a rebadged GT 520, which could mean we are looking at a GF119, or GF 108 GPU, featuring a pretty paltry 48 CUDE cores. The GT 610 is intended to be the entry level 600 series card, and is unlikely to even outpace integrated graphics found on modern Ivy Bridge chips. "

"pc games that where released in market till 2008 can be played using this graphics card"

Your card is literally in the same tier as integrated graphics. I'm sorry but you need to upgrade.
I realize that there are much better cards than this, but the card will easily run games like Battlefield 3 which SHOULD be significantly harder to run than STO. I also pointed out that I have zero issues with other maps. If I was trying to run the game at max graphics I could see it having some lag issues but I am running it at very carefully chosen settings. Other than the occasional times when I can clearly tell the server itself is causing lag, I leterally have ZERO lag on any map except this one. Also the point I am making is that the Solar Wind graphic itself is clearly what is lagging. I am far from an expert on video game programming, but I do know enough to recognize that the wind graphic itself is composed of individual object for each "ding" that you see. (ding BTW is an art term, maybe you are following that)

If I am having issues with this map, imagine what is happening to the average player with an average system. PvP maps should be designed to work well on a system that meets the minimum requirements of the game. If this was a episode map, no big deal. In PvP reducing graphic quality too much actually gives a significant advantage to your enemy, in particular distances and such. I see no purpose to the graphic on this map, therefore if it slows down FPS for a system with minimum requirements listed, it should be removed.

I would not have even made the post in the first place if this was a problem only I experience, but the fact of the matter is EVERY time I que this map, someone besides me also complains that the lag is killing them. You can clearly see in this post that it's not an isolated problem.

P.S. Please actually read up on the EVGA version of the GT610. It's actually winning awards for it's performance and being listed as the recommended card for a LOT of games released in 2012, including some games that are considered to be among the most graphic intensive. (again not claiming it stacks up against a $200-$500 dollar card, but it greatly exceeds the requirements listed for graphics to play the game listed) You will also notice if you go to the EVGA site that the GT610 actually has more than one version. I don't have the box anymore and don't feel like dismantling my computer to get the exact model, but my card is the most advanced version of this card that EVGA makes.

In closing, I will simply restate my earlier point. This is about a PvP map that has a very high demand graphic made up of hundred if not thousands of individual object, each of which must be tracked as they move across the map. No matter what system you run, the wind graphic is taking more processing power than the entire rest of the map, so IMNSHO and that of the vast majority of other PvP regulars I have talked to, it's a detriment to gameplay.

That said I will do my best to let this thread die, since it has become hopelessly derailed into an e-peen competition about who has the most uber system and whose system doesn't rock, rather than the intended purpose of trying to get a map that causes a large number of players to lag and therefore not want to que for PvP removed. PvP needs all the help it can get to build a larger playerbase and this is one obstacle that could easily be done away with.

I shall now return to my "please do away with need or greed" soapbox.