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Well, quite simply, this is a place to tell of our warriors' encounters with what is apparently the flagship of the KDF.

It was quite a pleasant surprise. The feds have told of their encounters with the Enterprise-F while on patrol, but I wasn't really expecting anything equivalent for the KDF given the number of times we've been shafted.

So, imagine my surprise when I warp in to Narendra, and see another warp flash behind me right after the briefing. Turns out what is apparently the Klingon flagship is the K.D.F. Bortasqu' (Yeah, I dunno about the prefix). I hear the captain (female) yell, "Death to the enemies of the Empire!", and the Bortasqu' proceeds to lumber into battle and lay waste to the Hirogen ships, shrugging off Viral Matrices and Subnukes along the way. To be frank, I've never seen beam arrays do quite so much damage before.

Well, at least this time we get something like the feds, even if it's something pretty small. Would be interesting for them to develop some lore about the crew or something, ala the Enterprise-F.

Either that, or it's just a generic name for a Bortasqu' class NPC assist.

So, who else has encountered the Bortasqu'?

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