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Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
BuUuUuUt Haaavvvaaaaaamm, if I join Sto'Vo'Kor'S Rising, (great name by the bye and bye), only Bieber's forgotten sockpuppet would remain in the Hax Pandas, and I would have to start from scratch without fleet contribution permissions till everyone moves on and or forgets to log in long enough forcing me to take control of yet another dead fleet of one.

Besides Hax Panda Cubs already has a pre-made... Me.
Without stepping on Hax Panda or Hax Panda Cubs toes, I ll just come out and say Bieber most likely approves.

I think consolidating with SVR for active players seems very sensible. S7 will slow down starbase progression considerably, especially for small pvp fleets. All toons in SVR can contribute, and have access to the stores. We would be happy to welcome you.

That being said, SVR promises a home to all pvpeep that want access to fleet resources for their pew. Should you just be looking for vendors, just message me in-game and we'll fix you up. We have more members who bought first, and contributed later. This has worked great so far. Just come on in, check it out. Biebs and his Hax Cub Bots, will keep the pandas alive, like he always does, no matter what we do
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