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11-18-2012, 02:22 AM
Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
Radeon HD 6870 with 1GB VRAM. On all New Romulus areas I get a message in the upper right corner of the screen telling me that VRAM is maxed out and the game is downgrading textures as a result. Changing the video memory limit doesn't make it go away. Texture res appears to be slightly lower, but not significantly. I had to look at the textures on the Romulan crates up close to be sure. LOD is a bit squiffy though, with some things flickering or looking unusually boxy. If I stand on the platform by the transporter pad and look in the direction of the courtyard, for example, the Romulan shuttle in the courtyard has an oddly chunky look, like it's loading the wrong LOD mesh for that distance.

I'm also getting lots of noticeable texture popping, both on initial load, and on LOD loading. I can run right up to said Romulan shuttle and watch as sections of it pop from super blurry distant LOD texture to the up close texture one at a time... after coming to a stop next to it. When exiting the embassy back out into the courtyard, everything looks normal for a fraction of a second, then clicks into super low res-mode, then spends the next 5-10 seconds popping textures back to normal one at a time.

I strongly suspect there's a VRAM leak of some kind in the S7 code.
hm, as I said I could fix this problem with changing the memory usage, and I think your problem is actually having a radeon card.

I got a GTX 460 768 vram, and changing back the setting caused no other problem with the game, it runs as good as ever, only starbase 24 gives it a hard time (but thats a cpu bottleneck).
so I suspect the game handles radeons worse than geforce