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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
i certainly hope you are right, for the future of the game. however, playing with the average player and looking at some of the builds that we've seen come across these boards have been less than encouraging. however, seeing them here asking for help is a positive step and hope more people do so.

i also hope that there maintains a steady supply of weapons to the exchange, so the prices do not increase too much. i only put that in there, because personally, i have noticed the subsequent drop of supply in mk xii v. rare polaron weapons over the course of the past couple days.

aside from that, free to play players and the majority of new players therein will either need to buy the account bank unlock for 10 dollars or they will need to purchase new weapons for each of their toons. i hope that this too, does not affect the supply and demand situation so much that it gets out of control. prior to season 7, we had access to an endless supply of weapons and equipment. the economics of supply and demand have not been tested on the mk x-xii gear yet. will the market economy be able to bare the full weight of all the players looking to outfit their new toons?

competence, build knowledge and skill. obviously, if you have this, then there's really nothing to worry about. but as my post described, the player base it was directed towards were the average and "casual" players as well as the brand spanking new players.

so yes, i do appreciate your points. people like you and me are vastly unaffected by all these changes. but with 100+ pages of worst stf experiences, the vast calls of nerfing content and the horror builds that we know exist out there... those are the ones that we need to worry about. can they afford the stuff they need? will they be an asset or a hindrance on a team?

overall, this game is easy mode for those who have all the resources. take away all the resources that players like you and i have and i guarantee we would be singing a different tune. how would we afford our equipment upgrades? or those doffs we slot? take away all the top tiered equipment that we've accumulated over all this time. those are the players severely affected by this. not us fat cats perched upon our windowsills.