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11-18-2012, 04:11 AM
I also think its a good idea to have a TNG bundle to fix some modelo issues with some of the Galaxy models. For a start, they could include a fix for the Venture class. (the one we pay for) so it has the proper windows "all over" and not different ones on the hull.

Would also be good to make the "type 6" material (the white one) available for all versions of the galaxy class. The basic Galaxy class would look great with the type 6 material.

One final addition is to make an "exclusive" TNG hull material for the galaxy class. I was looking at the fleet Galaxy class model in the ship requisition room and noticed it has the awesom "aztech" hull material. It would be great if they made this hull material, and got rid of the blue tint, add the white colour from material six and change the deflector from a plain blue one to a proper Galaxy deflector like the one with material two.

Thats just an idea, but would probably get a really authentic looking Galaxy class.

(Yes you can probably tell...I love the Galaxy class)