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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
No... no... it didn't work... it didn't work...

I have failed...

-bagpipes begin-
While I am no computer expert this has somewhat convinced me there is an issue with your computer in some fashion.

we all download the same game. we all use the same install files and if you have downloaded from scratch then you should have the same files as me, and everyone else.

there is something on your computer that is getting in the way of the game working. a corrupt file, a conflicting program, and out of date driver. something that is stopping the game from working as it should.

i know thats probably no help at all, but the only course of action is to log or wait for a ticket update and see what they think. they might be able to isolate the problem (the crash report should give a number that they hopefully track) and give you a reason as to why its happening.

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