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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Fleet STF 5 members we play IE

We get the opp

Usually we got 2 or more Borg chips
A few drops on equipment some large

Loot drop ! Omg a class 12 purple !
Everyones excited and hopes they get it

We get 1440 Dil maybe 1 to 3 pieces of salvage
Which we cash I'n for Dil , sell loot for EC

Team chat is lively fleet chat shows off the loot
Were all ready to charge off to do another !

after 3 or 4 we do a fleet mission for the starbase
Then begin helping others get accolades and drops or
Help with missions
Typical night

Complete opp same STF
Some omega marks 75, 960 Dil a processor
Chat is silent
No excitement everyone seems bored we disband and
Go our own ways

Is this working as intended ?
Are you in same fleet that i am , nop . when i wread this is exatly what hapends in the fleet im in, i dont have the time to play hr after hr.and do grinding.
A typcal play evning is same as abowe , we are a smal fleet whit limited resorses. and the drops from STF helpt members to get disent gear, ore sell it fore ce , also the dil drops helps fleet to progres , oure fleet leader in my fleet have by zen and fix all the special interiore missions fore the starbase. i dont have a job and have to pay my bills insted. The dil drops from the STF whas my best way to help the fleet dil sink. and have a fun eawning of playing whit frends. The S7 is great whit the new kontents bout the fun is gone.
sorry about my crap englich.