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# 1 Hello STO
11-18-2012, 04:54 AM
As I muddle my way through the ranks of STO, I'm finding lots to do and lots more questions to ask.

My goal is always to enjoy endgame, usually as some sort of tank. My engineer is now 16, and I expect I'll respec around 45ish for STFs. I gather STFs are the equivalent of 5-man heroic/hardmode dungeons. Am I on the right track?

With endgame as the goal, should I just save all/most of my dilithium for now? If not, what would I spend it on?

Am I gimping myself by not skilling up crafting/research in Memory Alpha? Or can I continue to play solo until 45 just relying on quest/PvE rewards?

I'm still reading a lot, so go easy on me.