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11-18-2012, 04:01 AM
I think some people are missing some obvious things.

Number one, gamers are notorious for finding shortcuts and exploits, that's why there are websites full of walkthroughs, cheat codes and exploits for almost every game out there.

Number two, most people don't run the foundry daily to play foundry missions, they play it to get dilithium and fleet marks quickly. Like it or not the daily was left untouched for over a year and in that time the community learned to use it as a quick way to get rewards. It became especially popular w/ players who had little time, too many characters or were in small fleets. It's not what it was designed for but never the less that's what it evolved into, and there are people that will still try and find a way to keep it as a quick way of getting their dilithium and marks, while others will simply move on to easier methods of getting what they need.

Add the two together and what's likely to happen is that in about a month people will have figured out which qualified missions are closest to the hot social zones, easiest to run and take the least amount of time and THOSE will be the ones that get played over and over. In turn, other foundry authors will note what the popular missions are and try to replicate them in hopes to get some plays as well.

This isn't going to bring more exposure to the foundry and this isn't going to get those obscure, unknown authors out in the spotlight. It might at first, while people are still trying to find the simplest way to get their reward, but once a system has been established on how to finish the daily as fast as possible players will just fall under a routine.

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