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11-18-2012, 04:22 AM
From waht I can gather, I think you've summed up some of the most important points pretty well.
So you're on the right track.
The story content can easily be played with just basic reward stuff.
There's also the added bonus that when you replay missions at higher levels, you get level apropriate rwards.
In case of the last character I leveled, I just redid "Diplomatic Orders" twice every ten levels for a pair of green-level Quantum Torpeodes.
And as soon as the mission becomes available you can do the same with the "Everything Old ins New" missions for blue-level Phaser Arrays.
Various other missions will provide you with most of the consoles you might feel useful, but fighting enemies is so easy most of the time, you probably won't notice that you might lag 10 levels with some of them until endgame.
So there's no need to craft anything or visit the Dilithium Store until endgame and even then it might be easier to just use what's availalbe from mission rewards until you level one of the new Reputation Systems to get to Mk XII level equipment.

That's all I think of right now....except of course "Welcome to STO"