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11-18-2012, 05:36 AM
I'll say this once. Tholians use phased tetryon beam arrays. Each shot has a chance to proc the phaser and tetryon (one or the other or both). BFAW increases the rate of fire. More shots = more proc chances = higher chance of you getting your subsystems offline. Compound that with maybe 3 or 4 Tholian ships each shooting 3 or 4 phased tetryon beam arrays at you, then add in the BFAW, that's roughly 20 or 30 chances of the proc occurring per second (that's being conservative). Add on disruption and thermionic torpedoes, AND subsystem targeting (which if you read the description you'll see why BFAW works for it) and that's why you're losing subsystems left right and center. Your best bet: ET3. Removes all engi debuffs (whacked subsystems included) and heals you. The only catch there is that you then lose a cycle on tac team (also a must have for survival against the tholians), so you're all around boned.

But in all honesty, they're the Tholians. What did you expect?

And rodentmaster, please. The npcs are NOT OP, nor are they cheating, nor are they hacking. They're npcs. They are following programming which just got a little meaner to the players. But in all honesty, I approve. I am tired of fighting joke npcs, and these new NPCs (all of them got an AI update) are wonderful. I am on elite setting, and it's actually fun again! =)
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