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The whole of Season Seven wasn't a complete failure. Certain new STF and missions included were fun. The only problem I had was the reputation thing. That I really think its crap, seeing how before Season 7, it was so easy to get, but on Season 7 itself, it requires thousands of dilithium which personally wasn't worth it AT ALL. Moreover, I'm having loads of difficulties with the "Can't get map name" here, "You'll be removed from the map in 10 seconds" there.

Nonetheless, it is not our decision to make Season 7 revert.

Personally, I think it should NOT revert, but yet at the same time it should improve.

I just wish Borg items were not bounded, or that the timer cooldowns for each project is shortened to 1 hour or so because a day is just really saddening and too long.

If the poll was "To revert the STF methodology of purchasing Borg equipments", I might say yes, however I believe those who already reached Tier 5 in that reputation system will feel unfair as well.

My opinion :3