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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
If you ever checked the duty officer forums you'd know that all of your complaints come from ignorance. The doff system can and do work without the grinder, it's been a season 6 addition and we did pretty well prior to this one. We could get a full purple roster, it took time but it was a real achievement. We're more or less back to this, with a money shortcut option for lazy players, and since the starbases will never require something else than free white doff i don't see any issue here.
Actually you're quite wrong!!! Let me refer you to this STO-Wiki article with a list of inputs.

Granted these are season 6 inputs but
highly unlikly to have become more lenient. Upgrading the industrial fabricators requires 100 rare engineering or operations offiicers (tier IV). Upgrading the shipyards requires 100 Raretactical or security officers. Stationing a vulcan envoy requires 7 purple doffs.

As for your comment that I'm too lazy to go for doff missions like officer exchange in cardassia. YOU MISS POINT ENTIRELY! The point is something has been taken from the players. Something that was free, and earned, is now prohibitiviely expensive and for no reason whatsoever!! Since I pay my hard earned money into this game, I have the right to give feedback as to how the game is being run. You're either unable to comprehend the difference between laziness and my objection to being cheated or willfully ignorant. The later is the case I suspect because you don't want to believe you're being cheated. I will not participate. I have the right to voice my opposition, and I have the right to convince others of my point of view as well.

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