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11-18-2012, 04:51 AM
In agreement with this too, My fleet has ground to a entire halt due to the excessive prices and requirements.

Fully supported by the members of fleet.

No in game purchases will happen with money or dilithium from my fleet... Horde it all i say.

Originally Posted by captainbrady View Post
This is an open letter to the devs.

On behalf of my fleet "Terran Empire Special Forces" as well as any other like minded gamers, we are pleased to see your willingness to listen to your customers, and we certainly welcome your decision to restore dilithium (dil) to STFs as well as add dil to fleet missions. However, we think you can still do much better. Even with your compromise, you have taken far more from the customers than you have given, and we expect more out of you if you expect us to continue to participate in this game or support it financially.

When I started this game, crafting was free of any monetary input. Similar, the doff system was free to recruit, and had a nominal fee to upgrade. The idea was simple. It was a way for a player to "earn" something of value, instead of pulling out our credit cards. This is a feature in most MMORPGs whether the game is free to play or not. Since going Star Trek Online went free to play you have added unreplicable materials for 1000 dil., and the most expensive items (which are far from the best items in the game) are prohibitively expensive. The result has been a decline in crafting and makes it much more difficult for senior members of any fleet to help junior members.

Let me turn my attention to the doff system as this is the straw that broke the camel?s back for me. I strongly disapprove of the changes to crafting, but most of us put up with it. The decision to add incredibly high monetary inputs (dil) to the doff system has rendered the system useless. Before recruiting was free, now it costs 1000 (dil). Given that fleet base projects and now embassies require and obscene amount of doffs (e.g. tier iv tactical exercises requires 180doffs for a mere 1000xp). If we take the example in parentheses, most general recruiting missions give 1 green and 3 white doffs. Assuming all were security or tactical (which would never ever happen), the minimum cost is 60, 000 dil. Yes I am fully aware that tactical recruiting missions are available free of charge, but the time gate has been doubled.
This aspect of the doff mission is completely unacceptable.

You also made upgrading doffs way too expensive. For example:
Common doff reassignment: 600 dil (was 5)
Uncommon doff reassignment: 3000 dil (was 50)
Rare doff reassignment: 6000 dil (was 500)

Yeah,that's fair right? Especially since an input of 5 lower ranking doffs is required, and I might get something worthless like a bartender or a cook. I know the counter argument is that one can get very rare doffs exploration missions. There?s one problem with that argument. The doffs from exploration missions are less useful. None of the exploration mission doffs have resolve, which thanks to your planning, is a critical trait in many missions. The other disadvantage is those doffs are bound, so I can?t even trade them if I don?t like them.

Now I will address one of the most annoying insults to everyone?s intelligence you said in your post to the community. In one of your posts to the STO community, you said the following Mr. Stahl:

"This is in addition to the other rewards that STFs and Fleet Actions grant.

While this is still a change from Season 6, we hope that these new amounts will help the average player earn more Dilithium per day while maintaining the Dilithium that players who like to run STFs were receiving.

The additional Dilithium may impact the player-to-player Dilithium exchange rates in the future, but we would rather you were having fun in Season 7 than worrying about the economy. We have enough of that to deal with in the real world."

We know you aren't concerned about dil inflation given that the fleet projects cost incredible amounts of dil, and you have added a further dil sink, the fleet embassy, so please spare us the condescending talk of your "concern for dil prices." When you first introduced the exchange in Jan 2012, the dil/zen price was 450 per zen. Up until the launch of season 6, the price was steady between 250 and 300 dil. Following the launch of season 6, the dil exchange price was around 160. Currently the dil/zen is 143dil/ zen point. In fact I worked out the exact week when dil fell like a rock using excel and my own dil exchange history and determined that the price dropped by 50% within a week after the season 6 launch. (I wanted to share my data, but I apparently can't post images). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that projects with 200,000 dil are going to drive up the price of dil. The new fleet embassy will make this condition even worse.

You have made this game far too expensive to enjoy, and many in my fleet are considering quitting. In order to reduce the number who leave due to the incredible financial burden you have placed on my fleet members, my fleet will cease participating in your overly expensive fleet project/embassy system. We have decided that the costs far outweigh the benefits. We will cease parcipating in any type of fleet projects, if we play your game at all (and no trolls you can't haz (sic) my stuff) unless the doff mission returns to pre-season 7 conditions. We also want the dil paid out on STFs restored to pre season 7 levels. Sorry, for elite STFs, we are entitled to 1000 dil. As a gesture of good will, we would appreciate that you eliminate or reduce the unreplicable materials requirement for crafting. Given that the fleet base/embassy projects cost such a large amount of dil, there is no cause for concern regarding dil prices. Adding the dil tax on crafting and now doffs will do very little to keep the price of dil up (compared to the bases) and it simply makes PWE look greedy (which is why so many of us are angry, in case you haven?t noticed). We hope other fleets will make the wise decision and cease participating in fleet projects as well until the devs, PWE and its shareholders come to their senses. In addition, I have canceled my gold membership, and have no intention of subscribing until sanity returns
to PWE.

One warning to Mr. Stahl, the dev team, and the community managers about censorship. Should you feel the need to censor this post, because you can't stand to hear the truth, please be aware that the internet is a market place of ideas, and your forum isn't the only place online to post about Star Trek online. Please keep that in mind, as censorship only highlights the weakness of your position, especially if the post contains nothing in violation of your own forum rules (flaming, trolling, etc) If this post is censored it will demonstrate to everyone that you have no argument against what I have said.

Kind Regards,

Fleet Admiral Brady (Terran Empire Special Forces)