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Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
The problem with the old system was that people were playing STF's, sometimes for nearly as long as they've been in the game and STILL not getting the MKXII item drops.

Until season 6 you need a bit of luck, but it wasn't so difficult having at least a mk XI set. May be you had to try several times to have a prototype borg savage or tech but old stf had a better drop and in a few week you had your mk XII set.

Now one stf drops just some dilithium, nothing more. You also need about 2 months to complete tier 5 reputation, and you are forced to play a lot of stf, fleet action and daily missions to get several king of marks, dilithium and EC... At the end of this new job, toy will have to pay a lot of dilithium to have your set. Do you think this is easier or better? I do not think so. The idea is good, not how it was achieved.

We need a little step back... PW should raise the dilithium reward in stf and add some items drop (put it as reward for optional), also increase dilithium and drop rate in fleet action and dailies... The reputation system, the fleetbase system and the embassy are high resources demanding... The one who play just 2 hour a day is damaged from all the job they have to do.

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