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11-18-2012, 05:02 AM
I am neutral on what OP said, but I would like to point out a few things. S7 has for the most part been about neutral with it's reception. There are those who love it (... no comment), and those who hate it (OP and his fleet it seems), and those who look at it as just another change, and kinda go with it (about half the players (OPINION, NOT FACT) and some lazy guys), and then guys like me who try to see the reason behind the changes, and may or may not succeed in doing so, but also go with it.

I will agree, the DOff changes are... sudden, but not entirely unexpected. Pre-S7 it was easy to farm purple DOffs using the DOff change in system. It was also cheap. Possibly too cheap, and possibly too easy. BUT the saving grace there was the randomness of what you got back. Now, you still have that randomness, but for a far more prohibitive cost, which means that players will either rage about it and complain, or just be more cautious when using this method.

The dilithium sink? I also agree, this game has become quite the grindfest. Boringly so. S6, what I used to do was log on, refine dil, go do some quick dailies, then PvP or STF for the next few hours with my usual team-mates from the PESTF and ESTF channels. We had quite a blast. Now, my routine consists of log on, refine dil, do some DOff missions, fly around for more DOff missions, check mail, check rep, advance rep, then log off. Total time on char: 15-20 minutes TOPS, as compared to the 4 or 5 HOURS I used to play shooting at Borg and laughing at the idiocy on DS9. And when I run out of dil? I dunno. XP

So far it seems like I am in support of OP right? Well here's where I diverge with him on opinion.

For starters, I freakin LOVE the updates they did to NPCs, the Borg especially. I also love the Tholians on elite. Hence why I find an interesting combination of frustration and amusement when I read all the Borg rage threads here on the forums XD. All the AI updates and weapon updates on elite npcs are great. No more facerolling, actual brain required.

Also, the reputation system, although it is clunky, I have to look at it from the perspective of their target playerbase: Not us vet players, but the new guys. The newly christened Vice Admirals and Lieutenant Generals. I did some quick calculations, and the devs were right. Most of us if we were lucky would pick up our first mk XII set within the first 200 or so ESTFs (ground-wise, space usually within the first 50 or so). We would then usually pick up our second around the 300 mark (space usually around 80-90 mark). From what I've calculated, the number of ESTFs you actually have to run has dropped dramatically for a mk XII ground set (again based off of conjecture, not fact, since I am not tier 5). Also it is easier to get the ground sets, since guess what, YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO RUN EGSTFs TO GET THE GROUND EQUIPMENT. Total bs imo (says the guy who had to do 175 successful IGE runs to get his first proto shield tech, to say nothing of the many failed pug rounds), but that's again aimed for the newbies, not the vets. Looking at it from that PoV, I suddenly see that it's actually easier. Not better mind you, since I say you aren't deserving of a full mk XII set unless you've done the room, been one shotted by armek, and taken a plasma bath (to say nothing of the hundreds of deaths from the plasma spewing heavy and elite tac drones).

My final point to add in:
S7 was predicted to be a huge change. They warned us about it in dev blogs, podcasts, and through sneak peeks (I am still laughing at the appearance of random wells-class starships throughout the game a few weeks before the temporal lock boxes were released). And now that it's here, it won't leave. I will quote Kung Fu Panda 2: "Hope you like it, because you can't return it!!" That's what S7 is. It's the explosive present. There are good things about it (pretty colors... and THOLIANS), and bad things about it (dil sink, grindfest, idiot BOff programming on New Romulus), but in the end, it's what we get.

So you and your fleet can leave. It's your prerogative. But I will remind you, despite all the bad vibe, look at it this way. We have lost some, but we have gained so much. Better NPCs, new items, new opportunities, ludicrously low exchange prices, and no more of those annoying 1% chance drops on proto ground tech (curse you IGE... curse you...). And much also hasn't changed. Morn is still at quarks drinking some unknown beverage with tales to tell, those morons on Q'onos are still doing 0 damage to each other in the ring with their dysfunctional batt'leths, and you can still get glitched into the middle of San Fransisco Bay at Starfleet Academy. So see? You haven't lost everything.
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