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Originally Posted by lewstelamon01 View Post
Another reason Klingons may be seen as overpowered. Come on, taking out a Defiant in a freaking runabout?

Not that I'm complaning, I just LOL'd. I guess the Feds have been using holoemitters on their garbage haulers. Or Klingons are just that damn good.

Feds explore crap. Klingons blow it up. Then explore.
Feds explore crap. Klingons blow it up. Then explore better ways to blow it up. Then they rebuild it to blow it up again that new way, and then explore even better ways to blow it up.

And Klingons are not OP. They are perfectly fine the way they are. With everything around them dead or kersploded and them drunk from blood-wine singing songs of their glory.
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