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11-18-2012, 05:49 AM
Its getting a bit tiring listening to different sides having a go at each other. On one hand it seems to be people who mainly build fleets and play new missions who mainly do not do stf or upgrade their doffs in the grinder. On the other hand there are those who do stf and upgrade their doffs in the grinder but are not so interested in fleets and new missions.

It is quite clear that, in S7, the latter group have been nerfed and the former given some good breaks. Most of the people who read these posts are well informed about the workings of the game, so how about we stop putting each other down for the different things we each want to get out of the game. It is, only a game, games are meant for fun, and each persons fun is their own, often different from others.

If S7 has given you some good breaks and new and interesting things to do, then I am very happy for you, pleases have the wisdom, or at least courtesy, to allow me to lament the loss of interest, achievement and fun that S7 has brought to my choice of game play.
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