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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
This is a game forum. 95% of posts are negative regardless of the games situation. Game forums are where people come to ***** and complain.

Right now I'm looking at a ESD packed full of ships. Ad I haven't been able to get in a damn tholian alert all day because too many people are queueing into the zone(fix it cryptic, this has been a problem with alert for a while now)

As to the OPs post, the dilithium requirement is small and this post is ridiculous, it takes 10 minutes to earn 1k dilithium
I fully agree with this post.

Originally Posted by captainbrady View Post
Actually you're quite wrong!!! Let me refer you to this STO-Wiki article with a list of inputs.

Granted these are season 6 inputs but
highly unlikly to have become more lenient. Upgrading the industrial fabricators requires 100 rare engineering or operations offiicers (tier IV). Upgrading the shipyards requires 100 Raretactical or security officers. Stationing a vulcan envoy requires 7 purple doffs.

As for your comment that I'm too lazy to go for doff missions like officer exchange in cardassia. YOU MISS POINT ENTIRELY! The point is something has been taken from the players. Something that was free, and earned, is now prohibitiviely expensive and for no reason whatsoever!! Since I pay my hard earned money into this game, I have the right to give feedback as to how the game is being run. You're either unable to comprehend the difference between laziness and my objection to being cheated or willfully ignorant. The later is the case I suspect because you don't want to believe you're being cheated. I will not participate. I have the right to voice my opposition, and I have the right to convince others of my point of view as well.
How am I cheated out of something I never used in the first place? For comparison, before the doffgrinder was created, you were lucky to find the career cadres (tactical, engineering, science, and civil corps).

Furthermore, ALL DOFF PRICES FOR STARBASES ARE, FROM S7 RELEASE, NOW IN WHITES. Not sure about embassies though, heard rumors about greens being required for some projects. I'll have to investigate that.

Again, your refusal to accept this situation can only result in an ulcer due to your immense frustration.
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