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11-18-2012, 06:54 AM
I think like many times in the past the community as much as we hate certain things love others, we will simply do what we always do put up with it.
Simply because no matter how valid or invalid our arguements and points are for those of us who have been here since closed beta we know that no matter how hard you shout its like trying bang your head of a rubber wall.
Ultimatly we knew certain things were coming some good some not so good but do you honestly think after all this time the Dstahl and his team give 2 dog turds what we think or want.
So its a bad case of report the bugs like we always do, the fan boys will be fan boys and the folks with genuine gripes will end up getting hacked off and go play something else for a bit and the whiners while whine about everything.
So in summation New boss same as old boss your still screwed/unscrewed/existentialy fraked.