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11-18-2012, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Just did Hive Ground Elite with the STF Raiders (Branflakes and the Dev Team know the caliber of these people) and we failed and left after an hour.

While we did beat it yesterday, tonight was a manslaughter with too many Borg 1-shot deaths (you can't heal people who are 1-shot). So while it was insanely too easy on Tribble, it was ramped up too much with the Live Build and really needs to be toned down.

Because at this rate, nobody will achieve the optional and be just another No Win Scenario.
I haven't tried it since tribble, so i dont know about its current difficulty, but wouldnt it be better to keep it difficult?

You can grind omega marks from the other stfs, let the 2 new ones be for challenge, if people go for the optional on the two new ones, its more for the sake of, 'YEAH! got the optional' rather than 'oo more marks'.

Just my opinion ^^'

What i mean is, want marks and easy optinals do the first 6stfs, want a challenge (including the evil 1hits) than marks do the new 2