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Some time ago I posted a thread with a suggestion of introducing a new federation hangar pet that would be able to deploy mines as a primary feature. Now, after flying Vesta a little bit, comparing it to Kar'Fi where possible, I honestly think Federation fighters are kind of lacking.

I mean, even though they do seem to serve specific roles, in the end they all seem almost the same. My biggest issue with Vesta (with bugged/nerfed hangar cooldown) is that its fighters seem to die from enemy explosions exteremely quickly and there's no good way to stop them or make them run away fast enough - especially Peregrines, which need to fly straight at the enemy to fire their cannons. But it's not much better for runabouts - which should have more HP - nor for Type 10 shuttles - which die instantly even with polarize hull active. With 40 sec - 1min non-reduceable cooldown (even at max aux) it's honestly annoying.

In addition, there's no proper frigate/raider type hangar, no fast moving craft like Slavers or Interceptors, and no support crafts or drones aside from shield repair units. And with Stalkers being usable only on Atrox, there doesn't seem to be much to choose from in the end.

inb4 carriers should be KDF only and FEDs shouldn't have them at all rawrharwhwarh!!111onemeh - I'm not asking for much. Just some more variety for different strategies. I would love to see Type 10 shuttles fly a little bit faster, so they'd be more focused on outmaneuvering enemy ships and draining shields with their beams. I'd like to see some craft which is able to lay mines. Or perhaps some other type of non-combat drone, similar to KDFs Tachyon or Power Siphon drones? Anything. Right now it's either "dps" peregrines, shield repair units or one of three beam-oriented slow moving shuttles.

So, Cryptic, any chance for an update anytime soon(tm)? Perhaps players have other suggestions for hangars that wouldn't really diminish KDFs carrier superiority, yet would introduce some variety for FEDs?