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11-18-2012, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by chuckingram View Post
Who are YOU to say what this game should be balanced in the "long run?" That's going to be Cryptic's call based on the feedback they get from the collective US. What sort of person you must be to even form a sentence like this is a public forum. Reading your spiteful, self-aggrandizing and addlepated responses has reinforced the idea that Community Feedback needs to be TIGHTLY moderated in order to quickly exclude ego's like yours.
You're funny. You ask who I am to give an opinion and then so generously lavish us with yours. Who am I? I'm a person who has said in this post and others that I respect the opinion of others, even though I have different viewpoint. You, Your Highness, Lord of Hypocracy, seem to deem my viewpoint and preference completely invalid whilst gracing us with your oh-so-superior wisdom. Who are you? The most arrogant and self-righteous so-and-so I've ever had the displeasure to happen across on a forum.

Forums are places where people can provide their opinions and discuss them. Unlike you I've not begrudged other people their opinions. I understand other people have a differing opinion to me, just like I understand there are people who agree with me. The other people who disagree with my opinion? I respect theirs because whilst they've not agreed with me they have shown respect. You? I have less than zero respect for you.