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Right here.

Yes, there is a Pay Store.
No, Zen Store ships are not the best ships in the game.

Best ships in the game are Lockbox ships that are available in the Exchange, sure they cost tens if not hundreds of millions EC but you dont have to pay a cent for them.

Then we have the Fleet Ships, they are harder to come by since they require to be in a Fleet and require Ship Modules but Ship Modules are sold on the Exchange as well and there are Fleet versions of Zen Store ships that do not require to own the Zen Store Ship.

Zen Store ships are convenient but thats it, granted if you want a Fed Carrier that is pretty much having to get the Fleet Escort Carrier but MMOs dont hand things on a platter either, you either take the Zen Store shortcut or you grind for it longer... subscription systems usually just makes everyone grind.

And TOR is in no way different, in fact with their Cartel Coins I expect EA to go milking BOTH the F2Pers and the Subscribers but its also not like STO store does not predates F2P, if I recall it was added during Atari days.
Just because you can buy them on the exchange doesn't mean they aren't store ships when originally they had to be bought on the store through key purchase. Or if that doesn't apply here, it doesn't there as well since you can auction things from their boxes too.

Difference is you don't get boxes dropped as loot then told to buy a key to open it. Boxes are bought and opened by purchase. So no baiting the hook like Cryptic. ArenaNet does the baiting the hook drop too but also so do the keys drop as rares and even the boxes give keys randomly in GW2. I've opened over a dozen boxes there without buying a single key due to random drops and then getting a key in the boxes as well to make it sort of a free box opening.

If the story progression in GW2 was better, both STO and TOR could learn from it. That's one thing both games do better than GW2 is the story progression rate. It made me feel the story content is slim there after playing games like CoX, STO, TOR, and even GW1 had better pacing. Those games it feels more like "my story" even though at character creation the last line in GW2 is "This is my story". But as far as how to create a game with boxes and no sub, GW2 has a better setup.

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