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11-18-2012, 08:55 AM
Yeah it seems even BO abilities are almost useless now against borg for survival. I'm having a hard time soloing standard cubes in my Jemmy. I'm basically guaranteed to blow up once. The tac cubes are back to beating the **** out of you. I'm not even sure I want to try CSE atm, and I definitely won't dare to tank basic cubes while blowing up probes in KASE anymore.

For anyone who says well this is how it needs to be! well I got news for you. The playerbase and the system of how STFs are set up doesn't work with your fantasy borg on hard mode, not when you can get stuck with any number of bad ship combos for the task. And while the borg can kick some ass, they've never ever been a force to be reckoned with. They're actually pretty weak compared to their STO versions because they could only wear your ship down for the win, not out right blow you up with fantasy torps that they never use in shows or movies. That's why I liked how they were before s7. If you were geared properly, you rightfully went through borg without much of a problem. If you sucked then you got your ass kicked. See that's the thing about MMOs, the hard stuff gets easier as you gear properly.

Remember, what makes the borg such a threat isn't their firepower. It's their numbers, being cycborgs, and overall ability to defend themselves in ground to ground combat. Of course it makes no sense when they don't adapt their adaptive personal shield ability to their fricking ships but that's fiction for you to give the good guys a chance in space at least. So instead they use themselves to quickly regen their hull when they take damage. That's how they take people out, by wearing them down in the long run. They want to assimilate you, not destroy you. For as long as they have been around I'm pretty sure the borg could use I Win weaponry if they wanted to. But I guess the feds don't normally have insta hull heals so whatever really. Games are games. I mean it's not like STFs are impossible now. They're just back to being annoying moreso than ever now there's an increased timer in place for deaths and there's little you can do to avoid being blown up against bosses.

I suppose this is their way of making people wear their gimpy stat borg gear sets. I don't know.