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11-18-2012, 08:19 AM
I use six PolDis beam arrays (with its turn rate, broadsiding is the best option). If I could get a wide-angle torpedo launcher for KDF, I'd replace a beam with it.

For consoles, two field generators, two flow caps, plasmonic leech, and the rest don't really matter.

Abilities: two copies of Tyken's Rift, two copies of APB for pet support, and everything else is a heal and/or resistance booster of some kind. Feel free to substitute grav well and particle generator consoles for Tyken's and flow caps.

And advanced BoPs. At over 60k dilithium for a pair, they're not cheap, but they're the only pet worth spending that much for. Get two doffs to reduce hangar recharge times; as soon as all of your BoPs fire their high yield volleys, cycle the hangars to get fresh ones (with reset power cooldowns) out.

I can't emphasize that last part enough- it is imeritive that you cycle the hangars frequently to keep your BoPs pointed in the right direction. If they're circling the enemy firing their aft turrets at it, you're just wasting your time.

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