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11-18-2012, 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
Hey, captainbrady, first you give your LENGTHY opinion on season 7. People provide an opposing opinion and you accuse them of being PWE puppet accounts. When that person states they're not PWE you ever-so-righteously dismiss them out of hand.

I dismiss you and your small, feeble, hypocritical mind out if hand. The only times I've seen people dismiss conflicting opinions as you did was when either the original premise was weak enough to not withstand scrutiny or the original premise was provided by a person of limited intellectual faculty. If you're not prepared to have people disagree with your opinion in a forum how about you keep your opinion to yourself.

I am prepared to have people disagree, but I expect a little more substance than a red herring (not smart to call out the devs), ad hominem attack (i.e. you're lazy, or you're pathetic), or some sort of counter argument based out of thin air. I took a long time to work on the data for my opinion. If you're not willing to put any effort into your counter argument, don't expect me to take you seriously. If you have a thoughtful, rational opinion, then I will take you seriously. If you're going to call me names or use some other logical fallacy, I'm going to ignore you or dismiss you out of hand. No I'm afraid not all opinions are equal or equal of respect. T he flat earth society opinion doesn't deserve my resepct. The "oh yeah, you're a lazy doodie face" argument doesn't deserve my respect. Do you have an understanding of what I intend to say? There are rules for debating, I suggest you read up on them.

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