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11-18-2012, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by earlofthar View Post
I have posted this in all area's that pertain to this thread. I will continue because since I am the one that started on the thread on the tribble server and reported the problem first. I wish people that have the integrated graphics issue like I did to have the ablity to solve it.

It worked for me and 14 others so far, if it did not work for you then sorry about your luck, please inform on your ticket you created, what you did and what it did not work. So PWE can continue to work on your specific problem.

Everyone computer runs a different type of Software and Hardware.

I as this post stated, Run a Integrated Intel HD graphics card with windows 7.. and this worked.

Good luck with your issue, and keep your flame toward the people that created the issue, not us that are helping people solve thiers.
Your fix worked for me! I'm playing with the old drivers at probably 90-95% of what I used to be. I hardly notice a difference now. Crisp, clear graphics, and fast load times. No crashes (in having explored ground +space). Thank you so much Now the problem becomes, what does PWE do about the new drivers that are crashing their poor coding?