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I know this is a male dominated game but why is it necessary to use big boobs the Vulcan as the image for season seven? They're here for the Trek, not for the women. If they wanted women they could play some other MMO, where the ladies wear not much more than nipple covers and armored panties.
I understood the Orions not wearing much, since they're portrayed all seductive and scantily clad in the show. But you're showing a Starfleet officer, one who appears Vulcan no less, wearing a short skirt and showing off her MASSIVE cleavage.
How do you think this makes the females who play feel? This kinda thing is exactly why I do not tell people I'm an actual female in game. We are massively objectified in game. Now I don't mind guys who play as girls because they want a nice booty to watch run around screen, because they don't usually bother others, and I've even been complained to by one of them about their being hit on randomly in game. What I do mind is then people who proceed to stalk you upon finding out you're a girl.
Guys, control yourselves. We women folk aren't gonna fall head over heels with you because of your avatar or your Mk XII MACO set.
Anyways I digress. I really think PWE needs to reconsider their choice for the cover image of season seven. Ditch the skirt, it's so TOS. Give the poor Vulcan some pants. And guys, her titties don't have to be that big to be attractive. In fact, it's just comical.
And while you're thinking about that, how about thinking about what us ladies would like to see? Lets see some skin on the guys. Let their shirts rip TOS style. Let them roll up their sleeves. Let them take off their shirts altogether. And for equality's sake, give they guys some skirts!!! Kilts, togas maybe, and how about those first season TNG skant uniforms?
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