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Originally Posted by captainbrady View Post
Not a shred of evidence posted anywhere. You addressed exactly none of the legitimate complaints about lack of dilihtium, over priced embassy/fleet base projects or the absurd requirements for dilithium for doffs. In fact your entire post sounds like a giant pep rally at any given high school before a friday night football game. No rationality whatsover just "WE'RE AWESOME". Look it's obvious you're a sock account for PWE. All marketing departments do it. My company does the same thing, only we do it in the online travel business. We have fake accounts and we post awesome customer service experiences, but keep the details vague like you did. Let me give you some advice. If you're going ot make sock posts, by all means, do it. Everyone has to earn a living, but be a little less obvious about it next time ok?!
Wow, derail much? I complemented Season 7, but my entire post is a COMPLAINT about the method of loot distribution. You are clearly so upset about S7 changes that you failed to read past your rage ... LOL.

Please comment on loot system in this thread, there are plenty of S7 QQ threads for you to rage in. (unless you wish to rage about need -vs- greed, since that what this thread is for)