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Why is no one else asking the deeper question? How soon is PW planning on losing their license to the Star Trek franchise? Is it because they're refusing to renew it, or is it because they're being refused a renewal? How soon will it be before PW's Star Trek license expires? Seriously? When a corporation knows for certain in advance that one of its departments will be shutting down, they sap as much cash from that branch of business as they can. It happens in every time a casino switches ownership in Atlantic City. The CEO's cut benefits to the employees, wholesale hotel rooms to keep them packed while ceasing maintenance and cutting back on cleaning services, etc. etc. By the time the casino is dropped from their ledger, all profits made go to the parent corporation and the casino left behind is left run to the ground.

I have read the last PW public financial report. They do not mention renewing their licensing rights to Star Trek anywhere. The whole license to Star Trek seems pretty hush hush. So tell us please, when is the license up on Star Trek for this game. And seriously, come time for license renewal, is the license going to be renewed? Bring back some consumer confidence to your player base PW. Tell us what you plan to do with this game. Cause honestly, I'm worried as to whether it will be around for much longer. Tell me you guys just got greedy and the game is still going to be around longer than a year or two from now.

I wondered this as well... I have followed their stock and the consensus is a hold on this stock by research firms without investment ties. They are very cash heavy which is the only redeeming quality for an investor. Their 3rd quarter results are due out 11/19 and they paid a special cash dividend of $2 last April to shareholders which tends to spike interest in their stock but looking at revenues though they have fallen off drastically the last few quarters since its acquisition of Cryptic. PW has fared better than others in the industry but you still have to wonder why PW was even interested in STO since it doesn't fit their genre of games. They could however just as easily sell off the property to some other company just as Atari did and all this could be to make the revenue numbers look rosy on the STO game.