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Weapons: Polaron turrets x 3 Borg Mk12 on rear; 2 dual polaron beams and quantum on front, all borg mk12. Tac consoles three 26.2% polaron. Got various spare borg torps, Breen transphasics, tric min, two single polaron canon to experiment with. Have the Breen and Jemmy sets, Borg but no complete omega or maco, Borg + Maco shield still the way to go?
I would go for dual beams front and turrets or mines in the back. Chronizon mines are nice for the debuff, trics do some nice dmg. You should experiemtn a bit with different weapon layouts and look what you like most.
2 borg and maco shield still works, haven't tried much else so far. Maybe there are better options but you can't go wrong with 2 borg and maco.

Originally Posted by ovinspace View Post
Sci consoles 3 shield 17.5%ers and assimilated borg console
I would keep the borg but I think 1 shield cap console is enough. Better go for shield emitters or some other consoles to boost your sci.

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Tac Boff skills Tac1, Torp Spread 1, Beta 1
Engineeering EPS1, et2
Science: Jam Sensors( probably no use pvp); ST1; PH2 and tractor beam 2; siphon 1( bad one?) and FP2; gravity well 3
Beta isn't much use in pvp since it is cleared by TT. You could take delta if you want a pattern. Or something like BO2, it does some nice dmg with a DBB.

In engineering I would run to copies of EPtS. You could use one and some cooldown doffs I think but you really should have EPtS up at all time.

Well you should use a ST. ST1 is fine if you use it mainly to clear debuffs. You could also go for ST3 if you like a stronger heal.
TSS is a very important skill for a sci. Use at least one copy, maybe even 2.
HE is also a very important skill. Run one or two copys of HE. Depends how if you are mor focused on offensive or defensive powers.
Tractor is fine, but you won't need anything higher than TB1.
PH is fine but shares a cooldown with HE any you won't need a higher PH than 1.
Siphon... well maybe in a dedicated drain build but its very unimpressive on its own.
FP is more for a buffed tac. It can be nice at some times but it's not that impressive.
GW is more a pve skill. It can be usefull in pvp, mainly to help clear spam, but it won't trap a player.
You could go with something like:
TB1, HE2, VM1, VM3
Thats only a suggestion. But with 2 VM and a TB you have some nice CC and you get plenty of heals. You could also drop one VM for a 2nd HE, move ST to a higher slot, just play around a bit until you find something you are comfortable with.

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DOFFs energey weapon, projectile, crew 75% nurse, gravimetric, hazard - all purple. My KDF has the shield dist and my fed got neglected.
VM has a nice doff, I think it's called systems engi. Also Shield distr doffs are still nice, a con offi can't hurt, a warp core engi can be nice too. Depends a bit on what loadout you choose. But I would drop the nurse, crew is pretty meaningless in my opinion.