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11-18-2012, 09:51 AM
Well, for Frigate/Raider/Destroyer-type pets, I believe that only full-sized Carriers should be able to carry them. Vo'Quv, Kar'Fi, Atrox, and Recluse. (so far)

I personally believe that there should be another full-size Fed Carrier, of Fed design, with the Aquarius as hangar pets, similar to BoPs. Of course I don't think the USS Mary Sue should have had a working fighter hangar anyway.

As far as pets go, why not just make the Peregrines with BoP AI, so they perform attack runs rather then attempting to swarm the target like a beam pet would.

A new pet could be a Heavy Bomber type. More sturdy and slower then Peregrines but with 2x DHCs and 1 Trico with EPtS1, CRF1 and HY1. The Advanced type could pack 2x DHC, 1 Turret, 1 Trico, and a Full-size Quantum Mine Layer, X2SIF1, EPtS2, CRF1, HY2. Restrict them to 2 per Hangar.
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