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This is my first post since playing STO but I read through the forum most days and it is just a mass of moaning and complaining so I wanted to through in my two pennies worth.

I have only been playing STO since mid season 6 and am I really enjoying it. And that goes for the changes that have come in during season 7. I think the PvE queue is a lot clearer and at it is good to know exactly what you are getting and I believe that when we could see how many people were in the queue often influenced what game you joined. The reputation systems are great and at least I know I will be able to eventually get everything I want rather than waiting for the random drops and I can work on my own projects which, for me at least, adds more depth and meaning to the other factions and having to wait to get something just does not bother me so long as it is achievable. I started playing the STFs as soon as I reached level 45 but quickly ditched them as soon as I heard about the rep system coming in. I really hate it when getting the best gear is completely random. New Romulus is great with a lot of work going in to it and it is good to be trekking round new places.
I'm agree without you i love STO too and i play since the closed beta.

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In my opinion I think Cryptic and PWE are doing a good job with STO and there will be a lot more great content to come.

On to the complainers and moaners....

There are countless gamers going on about F2P and 'I am not putting a penny in to STO' blah, blah, blah and 'this ship or that ship should not be in the C-Store or should be cheaper'. Well, clearly the F2P business model is built round Zen and the C-Store. Not everyone will have a monthly or lifetime subscription so the money has to come from somewhere. I do not have much disposable income but if I want something I save up like I did for the Vesta bundle. If no one brought anything we would quickly have no STO.
You forget to say about even if you are lifer or godl member you have to pay the same than free member, and you have the same problem with dilithium than free member, you don't have access to all the game like free member .... For me that the big problem

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As for earning dilithium? we can only refine 8000 or 9000 a day so how much do you need to earn. I work full time, have a family and only play for a few hours at night but last night I managed - Explore Strange New Worlds=1440, Warzone=1440, Klingon Front=1440, Mining= 625, Doff mission Contaband=2000, STF=480 which earned me a total of 7425 dilithium and this was in only a couple of hours and then I went on to fleet events to get marks. How much do you need to earn that you can not use?

Dilithium costs for fleet and embassy? I am in a fleet where lots of people contribute so a 100,000+ cost is quickly filled. Don?t see a problem with this. If your fleet costs are too high for you because only a few are contributing then find another fleet.

Last thought from me...This is 'STAR TREK ONLINE' not 'Loot Drop Online' or 'Dilithium Miner Online'. Also, things change...

Well, I have said my piece for now so I guess I better myself for the incoming flak...
I'm half agrre with you because i'm like you i work all the day have a family and i can play a couple of hours, and that the problem that mean the only thing i will have to do is farm farm farm and farm, i will spend all my game time to farm i wish can play sometime !

And again i understand you like what they do but my complain is about gold member and lifer, because we pay a subscription but at the end we have to pay and farm like free member